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STRAPEX® - Pneumatic Combination Tool For Steel Strapping


Product Information

  • Strap width16 mm
    Strap thickness0,40-0,63 mm
  • Strap typeSteel strap
    Tension force3000 N
  • Seal typeSingle Reverse Notch
    Weight3,2 Kg
  • Tensioning /
    Pneumatic /


The STR 64 from Strapex® is a pneumatic steel strapping combination tool. It is applicable for 16mm standard or high tensile quality steel strap. The lock is carried out with seals by a so-called single notch. The light tool can be used for mobile and stationary jobs. It is suitable for round strapping and also for round packages and smallest load strapping surface.

Please note that also after the tool purchases our own authorized service center places our services at your disposal with a complete sortiment of spare parts for the routine maintenance and repair of your tool. When purchasing a tool you also aquire our service and availability of spare parts.

Suitable spare parts for your strapping tool you can find under: www.makopak-spareparts.com

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