Welcome to MAKOPAK!

Our Name MAKOPAK represents quality, dependability, and upright, direct statements, direct contact persons with professional competence.

MAKOPAK is a down-to-earth family company, grown out of a more than 40 years strapping experience, which was aquired through leading market companies of this branch. In addition to high-quality spare parts which have performed remarkably world-wide for more that many decades, we also offer a professional service for your strappeing machines and tools.

The main range of our sector of activities is the production of quality spare parts for strapping machines and tools. This gives us the possibility, in addition to the original manufacturer, to offer a second competent contact with professional know-how, who can deliver the necessary spare parts and a qualified supply of services for a moderate and affordable price. An unbeatable good extra effect is that the final customer is in no way obligated to to any supplier of consumables , for example strapping, and must not be commited to any contract. The worry and unease of some customers to receive a second-class service and unfavorable conditions for spare parts, if not purchasing from a manufacturer of consumables, is herewith completely gone. You are a free customer and you decide what and when and with who to what conditions you purchase quality.

Many good references – a large number of well-known and satisfied customers see to it that our immaulate and fair reputation opens further clientele for us. On request, our specialists would be glad to hold training courses in our authorized service center, especially for repairs on full automatic strapping aggregates. We are equipped with most modern equipment, test stands, and everything necessary for a qualified service training (see our section „Service“) On request, we can tell you for which types out of the variety of strapping machines and tools we can deliver and spare parts and the equivalent repair service. Spare parts deliveries and repairs with „Half Knowledge“ do NOT happen at our company!! In case you should have further questions – or if something is not clear, do not be afraid to contact us.


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