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Strapping tools for plastic and steel strap

Find your plastic strap strapping tool

Find your steel strap strapping tool

Strapping Tools

MAKOPAK offers you a large product line of plastic and steel strapping tools for variable applications.

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Repair Service

MAKOPAK performs services and repairs solely by our own experienced and high qualified service technicians.

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Spare Part Service

MAKOPAK has a well-assorted spare part stock with many thousand parts. This ensures the most fastest availability of your tools.

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Plastic Strapping Tools

Orgapack®, Signode®, Strapex® und Cyklop®.

Battery-operated, pneumatic opertated or purely manual operated strapping tools for the processing of plastic strapping with PP or PET. A large variety of strapping tools for reasonable prices!

Steel Strapping Tools

Orgapack®, Signode®, Strapex®, Cyklop® und Fromm®.

Pneumatic or manual strapping tools with a seals or a notch seal joint for strapping sprap from 13 up to 32 mm, in differential industry sectors.

Brands of Tools

Signode Umreifungsgeräte
Strapping Tools

The global market leader Signode offers the largest strapping width for the sector of high-grade strapping tools and strapping machines.

Signode Kunststoffband-Umreifungsgeräte
Signode®Plastic Strapping Tools

Battery-operated, pneumatical and manual strapping tools for PP or PET plastic sprap with seals joint or with a friction weld seal joint.

Pneumatische Stahlband-Umreifungsgeräte
Pneumatic Steel Strapping Tools

Signode combination strapping tools operated by pressurised air, strapping tensioner and sealer for sealless or with seal joint.

Manuelle Umreifungsgeräte
Manual Steel Strapping Tools

Mobile manual combination strapping tools for sealless or with seal joint.

Orgapack Umreifungsgeräte
Strapping Tools

Orgapak – a reliable manufactuerer of quality strapping tools, which fulfills highest requirements world-wide.

Orgapack Hand-Umreifungsgeräte für Kunststoffbänder
Strapping Tools for Plastic Strap

OR-T 130, OR-T 260 and OR-T 450 are high quality and all-round applicable battery-operated strapping tools. Robust single lever combination tools with tension and seal plastic strapping.

Orgapack Pneumatische Spann -und Verschlssgeräte
Orgapack® Tools for Steel Strapping

Orgapak pneumatic combination, tensioners and sealers tools for sealless or a seal joint. Simple, safe, and dependable.

 Orgapack - Handgeräte für Stahlband
Orgapack® Hand Strapping Tools

Manual hand tools for different applications. The economical manual solution: Easy, leightweight, fast

Strapex Umreifungsgeräte
Strapping Tools

Strapex – the embodimant for long-lasting, high-quality and dependable strapping technic „made in Switterland“ guarantees highest availability and stand-by-duty.

Strapex Kunststoffband-Umreifungsgeräte
Strapex® Tools for PP/PET Strap

Strapex STB 71 / STB 73 / STB 75 is the new generation of battery-operated hand tools. One handle-combination tool for manual strapping.

Strapex Pneumatische Stahlbandgeräte
Pneumatic Hand Tools for Steel Strapping

An extensive sortiment of hand tools for flat or round packages.Pneumatic tools for stationary or mobile operation.

Strapex - Manuelle Stahlband-Umreifungsgeräte
Manual Strapping Tools for Steel Strap.

Strapex manual, sealless tools for mobile operation, flexible and easy handling.

Cyklop Umreifungsgeräte
Strapping Tools

Cyclop-Strapping tools, since decades a conept for high-quality strapping technic. For almost all imaginable operations Cyclop has high-quality tools to offer.

Cyklop Kunststoffband-Umreifungsgeräte
Cyklop® Hand Tools for Plastic Strapping

New battery-operated Cyclop models CLT 130 / CMT 260 / CHT 450 for PP and PET plastic sprap.

Pneumatische Stahlband-Umreifungsgeräte
Cyklop® Pneumatic Strapping Tools

Cyclop offers the suitable steel band strapping tool for your individual application.

Cyklop - Manuelle Stahlband-Umreifungsgeräte
Cyklop® Manual Strapping Tools

Flexibly appliable for medium heavy to heavy packaging of variable types.

Fromm Umreifungsgeräte
Strapping Tools

Fromm – a symbol for high-quality strapping tools and machines since centuries, for many different types of steel and plastic applications.

Fromm Stahlband-Umreifungsgeräte
Fromm® Pneumatic Strapping Tools

Fromm pneumatic strapping tools are suitable for strapping of tubing, wire coils and all types of small collars.

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