Support is important for us

Also we, as MAKOPAK Professional Parts and Service-Team, take it for granted to take a daily social responsibility and work succesfully together with these social institutions.

„The laughing of a happy child just does not carry the same weight with anything in the world and one experiences here so much backing and positive echos for ones engagement done, it surely remains a pleasure and we are glad to continue to be committed to these efforts.”

Mark Konder

(12.11.2018 Quote Mark Konder Director MAKOPAK Professional Parts and Service Wesel)

Our Company Philosophy

This is what has been especially important for us since more than 26 years.

As a Family Company managed by the owner, we set special value on always keeping fair associations with with our customers and suppliers, as well as with our own personnel and colleagues. Politeness, straightness, loyalty, and dependability, diligence and short and direct communication connections, as well as most possibly unbureaucratical– that is what forms our daily working day routine. Our customers and personnel experience every day how important it is to have a good working environment and that self-dependent processing to the well of the company is a part of our success. We have daily contact with very different types of branches world-wide and this requires from us as employees and also our suppliers complete efforts. As a „compensation“ for our complete energetic efforts we continuously receive new satisfied customers who continue contacting MAKOPAK on a long-lasting connection, satisfied and friendly faces and glances of their collegues and suppliers, who are pround of their services and express this in a friendly and helpful manner.

Social projects

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