JK1219HT / KIHLBERG® - Manual Sealless Tool

For use with 13-19mm Steel strap

Product Information

  • Strap width13-19 mm
    Strap thickness0,40-0,63 mm
  • Strap typeSteel strap
    Tension force6000 N
  • Seal typeSealless
    Weight4,5 Kg
  • Tensioning /
    Manual /


The Kihlberg JK1219HT steel strapping tool is a robust high-quality strapping tool that can be used to process packaging steel straps in heavy-duty quality in widths of 13 mm / 16 mm / 19 mm and with a thickness of 0.40 mm to a maximum of 0.63 mm. The maximum strap strength here is 1,100 N / square millimeter. This strapping tool offers a very high quality, very secure, sealless punch seal, which is achieved in just 4 simple application steps in just a few seconds. With a weight of 4.5 kg, it is very easy to handle and sits ergonomically in the hand. The punching and cutting depth can be easily adjusted to the different tape thicknesses, as can the tape guides for either 13/16 or 19 mm wide tape. The JK1219HT is suitable for both vertical and horizontal strapping of e.g. pallets, crates, boxes, bales or other transport protection fastenings. The tool consists of few, very robust parts, which gives the tool a correspondingly long service life.

Service & Ersatzteile

Please note that also after the tool purchases our own authorized service center places our services at your disposal with a complete sortiment of spare parts for the routine maintenance and repair of your tool. When purchasing a tool you also aquire our service and availability of spare parts.


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